Home Organization

Home Organization

With a new year I have decided to attempt to get my house organized. When it was just four of us living here it was fairly easy to keep up and keep organized, but since our daughter and her three very young children have moved back home with us, whew! Organization has gone out the window!!!
Sooo ... I stumbled across this amazing site all about home organization and storage solutions {link at the end of this page} and, she has an amazing 52 week challenge, which I gracefully accepted!, about getting your home organized!
This is going to be my landing page or main page for my organization journey, here you will find links with pictures and stories of my journey getting this house better organized. I hope my pictures and story can be of some inspiration to you, while you're here, click on the button below and join in the fun!!

Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Counters
Kitchen Table
Kitchen Utensils and Utility Drawers
Kitchen Towels and Potholders
Home Book
Junk Drawer
Junk Cabinet and Plastic Bowls
Dresser Challenge
Pots, Pans and Lids
Canned Food
Food Pantry, Food Inventory, Cups, Mixing Bowls and Baking Dishes
Outside of Refrigerator
Menu Planning

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