My Home Book

Home Book

Ok, so this is week 1, day 6, and this week we are de-cluttering the kitchen. Today we are to make a home book; I already had one, so I went through mine and I read the article with ideas for pages for the home book, and I added a couple of pages to mine. I added a page about everyone who lives in our home and an address book. I have a lot going on in my home book, I have medical cards, a project list, school information and teacher names for my students; medical information on my husband including a list of his current meds; I also have tax information and a few photographs and receipts in my book.

The cover of our home book

My calendars

My Chore list

My 'Bills Due' folder

My to-do list

My flower bed and garden folder. Here I keep a list of what I have planted, where I plated it and when it was planted; if I have it, I aslo keep the care instructions for the plant here.



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