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Today is fridge day - I did a two for one again today, I de-cluttered all the food and I cleaned the shelves; man o man, it's a miracle we haven't all been sick from what I found in our fridge ..
The shelves in our fridge before - this was after I took all the food out and put the food we kept back in, I took picture of how it looked when I first opened the door, but accidently deleted them before sending them to my laptop.
The door before - I did the same thing with the pictures I took of the door when I opened as I did with the shelf pictures; but here you can clearly see the door is dirty!

The bottom, seems like it gets super nasty. Tea is constantly being spilled here .... yuck

All the food I threw away .. wow, look at all the bowls I get to wash and put up!!! Will be so nice to have use of my bowls again!

Here are the shelves, all nice and clean, organized and smelling fresh

And the door, all nice and fresh and organized

Now I am going to shame myself, maybe by doing this I will keep up the inside of the fridge a little better ... this is the water after I got done cleaning out the inside of the fridge, YUCK!



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