Kitchen Towels, Potholders and Linens

Kitchen Towels, Potholders and Linens

Ok, so this is week 1, day 5, and this week we are de-cluttering the kitchen, below are my before and after pictures of my kitchen drawers with towels, potholders and what I call 'fine' linens

As you can see the towel and washcloth drawer was sorta messy, looking kind of like everything had been folded and just sort of tossed in there, probably looking that way because that is exactly how they got in there - not to mention everything being moved around as a towel or washcloth is grabbed on the go.

My drawer if potholders.
Most of the potholders in this drawer were made by my mother-in-law, and honestly, are rarely used, but not because she made them, but because I made some out of scrap material I had left over after covering the shades in my kitchen and making decorative towels for the kitchen. It's also our 'junk drawer' with mainly just three extension cords and some round magnets.

I call these my 'fine' kitchen linens; there are some lacy napkins my mother-in-law made and a few other delicate girly things in there I am saving back for when I can use my dining room as a dining room.
Now, for the after pictures ...
Ok, you couldn't see them in the 'before' picture, but I had two white table cloths and some linen napkins I made {to match the pot holders, decorative towels, and shade covers!} stuffed in the back of this drawer; before our daughter and her little ones came back home I dressed my table after each meal, but with little ones I decided to put them away for now; anyhow, I put them in a different drawer and I donated some of my kitchen towels.

I donated some of my potholders too {not the ones my mother-in-law made}, and refolded them, oh, and reorganized the extension cords and magnets in this drawer, I also donated a metal trinket.

I can't pull this drawer out much because of the dryer; but, I was able to put my folded white table cloths in this drawer, a package of beautiful linen napkins my cousin gave me for Christmas as well as the linen napkins I made, and a few of the prettier and more delicate potholders and napkins my mother-in-law, and I think, some from my grandmother, in there too.

The potholders I made that match the linen napkins I made, the decorative towels I made and shade covers I made! There were three but my husband caught one on fire one day when he was cooking ...

My donations ..
Some brown cloth placemats, some linen napkins I made several years ago, and then some potholders and towels with chefs and bottles of wine on them. I love the chefs, my grandmother got me started on them when I was a child, in fact, she had a porcelain chef that holds kitchen utensils that I now have. Anyways, I still have my ceramic chefs from when I decided to do all chefs, but, to me, this house screams Victorian-farmhouse, and should be pink and white with a hint of yellow and turquoise here and there, so, the chef towels and potholders are being donated.



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