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Menu Planning

Menu Planning

It's been a few weeks since I have participated in the home organization challenge, mainly because it was creating and organizing things I either don't use or have no desire to incorporate into my home.
This week, however, is all about one of my favorite things to do! Plan our weekly menu!
I have seen suggestions for monthly menu planning, and honestly, that is something I've wanted to try for a long time! I think in the long run it would save time, and money. But for now, for today, I plan our weekly. Now, I will say, one thing I do to help save money is when I am planning next weeks menu, I try very hard to use what we've got in the freezer and pantry; this also helps cut down on waste!

To start off with I wanted to show you my menu board. I know, I know, everyone has seen these types of menu boards all over Pinterest and Face Book for years; but this one is mine, and I use it weekly!

Here are my cook books, stacked neatly in a cubbard in the kitchen. I do use them, every one of them, from time to time, which is one reason they are IN the cubbard. However, what I use most you will find below ...

This is my digital cook book. I made my own recipe book using Microsoft OneNote, with recipes I actually use.
I love books, and I love getting new cook books, but, I usually don't use half the recipes in cook books, so I decided to just make my own. I love my OneNote recipe book, {if I had enought space on my phone} you can access your notes from your phone or anywhere and they are easy to print. You can save pages, links, images, from the web, or write your own.
So my OneNote recipe book is the first place I go for dinner inspiration. Also, I save a lot of recipe that I come across on Face Book.
Soooo..... I usually make my menu on Friday morning, my grocery shopping day is Monday moring after taking my five year old to school. I ask my family what they would like for dinner the following week, and I comb through my recipes; then I go through the freezer and cubbards and make my list. My menu goes from Monday - Sunday, including what to take for lunch at church.
I am sure there are simpler, more effective ways to do this, but this is the way I have found for it to work best for my family; maybe some day I'll get brave enough to take on making a monthly menu!




  1. I swear by meal planning! Makes evenings so much easier!

    1. Meal planning makes it all so much easier and you don't spend as much money at the store! Thank you for visiting Is It Monday, Yet? God bless you

  2. I love sitting down with my cookbooks and planning the weeks menu! Love the idea of making my own with recipes I actually use! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I really love doing that too Mary! Have a blessed week!


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