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Kitchen Sink and Surrounding Counters

Ok, so this is week 1, day 1, and this week we are working on de-cluttering our kitchen, below are my before and after pictures of my kitchen sink and the counters around it -

In the photo above you can see there are 2 paint brushes, cups, a bowl of cookie cutters, and yes, the petrified spine of a large animal {we found it walking through the Red River when it was dry} among other items on and around the yellow shelf above my sink.

In the middle photo, my drain rack is empty yes, but, what is that I see to the left of it???? Why, it's a bowl of dog food! As well as a clean bread pan, and O, look, a menu board with nothing written on it, but a sheet of paper with LAST WEEKS menu written on it laying in front of the menu board!

In all fairness in this photo my husband was getting ready to make biscuits; normally the flour, oil, salt, mixing bowl, measuring cup and recipe card do not sit out on the counter; however .. there is that blue cup again, and, the dishwashing soap, and over on the yellow shelf, next to the petrified spine, I see the skull of a snake {also found in the river bed} and a river rock and something that goes with my cake decorating kit!!!!!!

Now, for the after pictures ...
As you can see in the above picture, the snakes skull is gone, and .. the menu board stands alone, no more sheets of paper on top of it. I also put away the paint brushes, and ended up having to throw away my cookie cutters, they were metal and had rusted.

Close up shot of the clean and clutter free sink shelf; note the dishwashing soap is back where it belongs, the sink is empty and all the drain plugs are together and not scattered abroad.

All the baking dishes and ingredients put away; dishwashing soap put where it belongs, and again, no more snake skulls!

And one last shot from the other end of the counter, showcasing my now clutter free sink and counter area!



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