My Home

My Home

My home is an answered prayer. Growing up I dreamed of owning a house that was over 100 years old, of course, in my dreams it was a huge, Victorian style house sitting on about 5 sections of land, and I was a multi-millionaire! While my house is not huge, it's only 1500 sq. feet, and it's not a Victorian, and it sits less then a mile from downtown, and has no land, just a city lot, it is still an answered prayer, and a dream come true!
Our home was built in 1909, it was the third house built on our street. Living in a century house can be a lot of fun! When I was getting home owners insurance, for instance, the agent would ask me the age of our home, and then she'd ask me if it had been up-dated {this happened more than once}, I was like, yeeeah, it's been updated, it doesn't have a wood burning stove, and when it was built there wasn't a bathroom, and it has central heat and air, but it hasn't been updated, updated since the mid 50's.

Our house is very charming, in fact, it was it's original charm that sold me. There is crown molding in the entry way, living room and around the 'outside' of all the bedroom doors. There are 10 foot ceilings, except in the Florida room, where they are 9 foot ..., yes, 9 foot. The original fire place is still here but it is no longer a working fire place; we didn't even notice it wasn't a working fire place until we came back to the house right after closing!
There is a lot of work that needs to be done to our home; we do what we can as we can; the little things, or cosmetic things are fairly easy; its those big ones, like updating the electric and plumbing that make me cringe! This page is a place for me to showcase some case changes we make and updates we do.
Thanks for taking a peek inside my home

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