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Staying Focused + Free Printable!

Staying Focused
Let’s face it; there are a lot of things to be discouraged about in today’s world; political uprisings, people full of hate for one another, crime on the rise all around the country, un-Godly agendas being brought into law; finances, Christian persecution – and the list goes on. It is so easy to focus on these awful things, but, a mist all this ugliness, believe it or not, at least for the Christian, we can stay focused and we have a lot of reasons to be rejoicing!


I hope everyone is enjoying reading through the Bible thus far; Genesis is an amazing book with a lot happening! Now we are prepared to move on to the book of Exodus!
As Genesis closes, the Jews are a "chosen few" living in the favor of the Pharaoh of Egypt. But following the death of Joseph, "there arose up a new king....which knew not Joseph" and the nation of Israel becomes a nation of slaves. Exodus is the story of their deliverance. In the first half {chs. 1-18}, God calls Moses to declare judgment upon Pharaoh and to lead Israel's long trek to the Promised Land. In chapters 19-40, God educates His people in the responsibilities of holy living.

Genesis and Exodus - a Study in Contrasts

Genesis speaks of ....       Exodus speaks of ....
....human effort and failure       ....divine power and triumph
....preparing a people       ....redeeming a people to Egypt from Egypt
....a family of seventy       ....a nation of millions
....judgment by water {Noah}       ....salvation by blood {Passover}

If you are looking for more Bible study resources, check out my Pinterest board, "Bible Study"; I have saved some amazing pins with charts and Bible study helps

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God Keeps His Promises

God Keeps His Promises
God Keeps His Promises
My husband and I have recently been studying about the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the first 31 chapters of Genesis. There is a lot going on in those first 31 chapters, but one thing that that has jumped out at me is how God has kept the promises He made, down through the ages.
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