This one is another combination of two days together; organize the freezer and make an inventory. It hasn't been that long since I did this, so it went pretty quick, although, I haden't kept up with my inventory so I 'found' some items I forgot I had!

I don't keep a whole lot in this freezer, but, there are ice trays, a gallon bag of veggie scraps to use for homemade veggie broth and some breast milk

Not a lot in the door either; two pot pies, some corn dogs, two bags of chopped walnuts and something I am not really sure of ...

These items got moved to the big freezer .. some homemade chicken broth, 6 corn dogs and two pot pies

I had two items for the trash can.. honestly, I'm not even sure what they were, lol

The door after ... with my two bags of chopped walnuts... I'm thinking it's time to roast some walnuts..yummm!!!

Not much difference, just a little better organized; I put all the ice trays on top, the veggies for broth, breast milk and ice packs on bottom.
Now for the big freezer. Several years ago I bought this freezer and another up-right off of CraigsList for $50.00; we sold one when we moved, but they were/have been the best freezers we've ever had!

For now the freezer sits in a room, that, I'm not sure what it's purpose was for originally, but, right now our son uses it as a bedroom, it has the main door we use in it, and, in a few months after our son joins the USMC, we are going to turn this room into a dining room.
Because we are doing some rennovations to the room, the top of the freezer is home to the tools we are currently using, paint, cat and dog food.
My old inventory list is on the front

Inside the freezer before - I'll admit, when I buy groceries I typically just sort of toss things in there, I have organized it over and over, and it always ends up looking like this within a week.

Inside the door - again, things are just sort of tossed in there

Here is a better shot of the top; when we get done with this room I'll put everything back where it belongs, maybe, maybe, by then I will make it to the farm and ranch store for some metal bins for the cat and dog food!

My current inventory of both freezers.

Inside of the door after - all the pre-packaged veggies are together on one shelf, as are the sausage patties, and other pre-packaged foods.

Annnd the inside of the freezer - at least for today, everything is grouped together by type of food - meats, frozen meals I've made, sauces and broths, veggies and fruits I've frozen



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