Canned Food

Canned Food

This week we are organizing our food... today is canned food.

My canned goods before; not too bad, and honestly, as you'll see in the next photo, I didn't do a whole lot to 'organize' them; a few months ago we started painting the inside of our kitchen cabinets, and we started with the cabinets that store the food; at that time I organized my food by type and grouped items together we use most, and for the most part, I've kept it pretty well together.

After - there were a couple of misplaced itmes that I put back where they belong, and I double checked that items we have multiple of were all grouped together and that was pretty much it.
As you can see, veggies and canned beans are on the bottom shelf - it would probably make more sense if I grouped dry and canned beans together - also on the bottom shelf is any canned meat we have - like, stew, canned fish, tuna, so forth, and then soups. There is a vase sitting there that needs to go out to the craft room, but it is just too cold and wet to trek out there today just to put a vase up.
Next shelf {it is by NO means the top shelf} it holds the dry beans and rice, pasta and taco shells and all tomato base cans and enchilada sauce; there is a can of carnation milk there that goes on the shelf above this one, but I can't reach that shelf and have to wait for my husband to put that can back up



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