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About Me

Hello! I don't really like talking about me, but, I have compiled a few 'facts' that you may find interesting!
I am a native Texan - With the exception of 6 weeks, I have lived in north Texas all of my life.
My husband and I were wed at Heath Baptist Church on a HOT Saturday afternoon in July of 1995.
I have 3 adult children, and 5 grandbabies; my husband came as the full package, and we have had two children together. We have two granddaughters and three grandsons.
I love century houses/buildings; I have always found the attention to detail in century architecture interesting
I live in a house built in 1909, this is both a dream come true, and a nightmare!
I love Victorian d├ęcor.
Winter is my favorite season; if it never got above 76 or 77 I'd be happy, but being in Texas that's not going to happen!
Pink and White are my favorite colors.
I don't drink Coffee. I've tried, several times, I can't get past the bitter after taste; I've tried Starbucks and store brand, with a cup full of cream and a cup full of sugar, I just don't like it!
Mexican food is my favorite, the spicier it is the more I like it!
I taught myself how to write HTML and build websites in 1999.
I used to ride and train horses in the discipline of Dressage
I used to train dogs in obedience
I enjoy making hand-drawn digital graphics, since 2000.
I am 5'3
I love to cook
I love to travel
I love to write
I love southern flower gardens,complete with plants and trees like Gardenia bushes, Hydrangeas, Cabbage roses, Roses, Mint, Lemon Balm, Lilies, Magnolia trees, Mimosa trees, Crepe Myrtles
I love vegetable gardening, to me there is nothing better then going out to the garden and picking fresh veggies; and I love involving our 5 year old in the plant and harvest process.
I procrastinate - the closer to the dead-line or 'due' date, the better I work, if I start too early I over analyze what needs to be done and how to do it and make myself and everyone around me nuts.

I started Is It Monday, Yet?, using a different host, in 2014 to document a big move we knew was coming, but didn't know the details to at the time. I chose the name "Is It Monday, Yet?" because at that time, Monday's were my 'day off' from going here and going there, doing this and that; Monday's were my Saturday!
In May, 2016, I decided to give this a try again, but changed hosts, and this time it was to glorify God, not us. I want "Is It Monday, Yet?" to be a place where women can come and find Biblical truths about life, full of Godly wisdom and instruction about marriage, mothering, homemaking .. about being the woman God designed each of us to be, not perfect wives, mothers, homemakers, designer decorators and gourmet chefs, the woman God designed us to be, while seasoned with grace.


  1. Hi Jenn. My name is Leigha. It is nice to meet you. I am so glad that I came across your boards on Pinterest this morning. I am looking for a friend (or friends) so I don't feel so alone. Anywat, I will be following you on Pinterest and here as well. Have a blessed day.


    1. Hi Leigha! It is so nice to meet you!! Thank you very much for following me! I am super glad you found my boards and blog, as I love meeting new people!!!
      Have a blessed day!


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