Top of Dresser Challenge

Top of Dresser Challenge

Saw this challenge about 11 pm, so I ran into the bedroom and cleared the top of our dresser off real quick; I know sometime during the year we will work on the master bedroom, I am more then certain I will go into more detail on our dresser at that time :)

Here is our dresser before; there is a lot going on here; I have my jewelry box and vintage {it was my moms when she was a young girl} vanity tray, as well as a pink glass bowl, my wedding bouquet, a footed glass bowl, makeup I never wear, an Avon rocking chair with a kitty on top, used to belong to my grandma, and a couple of other odds and ends, including my deodorant, and the t.v. remote.

I put the remote and my deodorant up, and some papers my husband had out. The footed bowl goes on a shelf in the living room but is temporally taking up residence on our dresser while our small grandchildren are living with us.



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