Utensil and Utility Drawers

Kitchen Utensils and Utility Drawers

Ok, so this is week 1, day 4, and this week we are de-cluttering the kitchen, below are my before and after pictures of my kitchen utensil and utility drawers

The silver-ware drawer, and not an ounce of silver in it, lol! Ok, so, there are I think parts of three different sets of steak knives, a broken set of tongs we've had for over 20 years that my husband is almost attached to as he is to me, parts of two different sets of measuring spoons and mix and match flatware, oh, and serving spoons.

The knife drawer.
I think of all the knives in here only one is sharp enough to cut through melted butter..I see two can openers, a potato peeler, a nut cracker and a bottle opener. Oh, and a small rubber spatula.

The utility drawer, as I call it, because there are a lot of gadgets in here we use on a regular basis, and because I don't know what else to call it. Ok, so, there are two pizza cutters, two melon scoops, and ice cream scoop with some kind of tool from the garage as the handle, a potato masher, two more potato peelers, a little brush, more pastry spatulas, long forks, cheese and veggie graters, and parts to a mini chopper

The spatula drawer. In this drawer there are two rolling pins, one of which would probably be the cause of divorce if I threw it out {my husband attaches to the strangest things!}, metal and plastic spatulas, a wire strainer, whisk and tongs, and slotted spoons.

Now, for the after pictures ...

The drawers are neat and tidy, or, at least neater then they were; but I know they won't stay this way; I don't have any drawer inserts or anything except for the one for the flatware, to keep everything in its place; oh well, I did put some items in the donation bag, that photo is at the end of the post

The silverware drawer neat and tidy, and minus the mix and match measuring spoons and one set of steak knives.

The knife drawer; all the knives lined up by type and size, again, I know being loose in a drawer like this it won't stay this way, but I did get rid of one of the can openers that was in it and I put the rubber spatula and potato peeler back where they belong!

Utility drawer; yes, I kept both pizza cutters; donated another can opener that was in this drawer {that's two total!},I also donated one of the three potato peelers I had.

Finally the spatula drawer. I donated a couple of slotted spoons from this drawer; and a weird looking giant, plastic fork thing.

My measuring cups and spoons, they have been hanging there for a while, I found if I put them in those deep drawers I would loose them!

My donation pile!
5 measuring cups and 3 measuring spoons; 2 can openers, 2 red steak knives, a potato peeler and other odds and ends. Hey - anyone know what that black thing on the far left is for?
Oh, in case anyone was wondering, I threw away the broken tongs, shhhh, don't tell my husband!



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