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Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table

Ok, so this is week 1, day 3, this week we are de-cluttering the kitchen, below are my before and after pictures of my kitchen table; this one is very easy for me as I can't stand for the table to be cluttered, and we use our table for everything from groceries, menu planning, reading, writing, painting, crafting, you name it!

So, on the table, you will find my laptop, my Bible, some homemade rolls my husband made, his coffee cup, his note pad and calendar - he had been preparing for the messages he brings to nursing homes this week and the message he is bringing Sunday morning at church, his calendar, his phone, and our Sunday school quarterly.

Like every morning, and every time we use the table, which is a lot, when we were done, everything was put away! The vase and flowers were a gift to me made by and given to me by a youth that used to go to our church.



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