Junk Cabinet and Plastic Bowls

Junk Cabinet and Plastic Bowls

This week we were to organize the silverware drawer, which I did last week; and we were supposed to declutter and organize the junk drawer, foil, kitchen wrap and baggies storage and plastic bowl storage. I don't have a junk drawer, well, I didn't until 2 days ago when I made one, which was, to say the least, stupid; because a junk drawer does NOT fit who I am or the design of my very old kithen.

So this is the drawer with that stores the foil, parchment paper and wax paper AFTER I made it a multi-purpose drawer and added some junk to it. I don't like it; the stuff is in the way, and well, I just don't like it.

Here it is after I took the junk I added to it back out .... this is the way I like it, clean and clutter free!

For whatever reason we collect twist ties off of bread and whatever else may have one, I used to throw them into the foil drawer, but today I put them in this baby food jar and placed it in the foil drawer; at least they are all together now instead of scattered all over the drawer.

This is where I put most of the junk from the foil drawer, into a junk jar; I decided if it didn't fit into the jar, it could be put where it belongs!

Before moving on with the junk, wanted to show you my baggie drawer real quick; this is how it always looks, even when I have the quart size baggies in there too; I used to keep the foil, parchment paper and wax paper in here but they had to be in there on the diagonial making it annoying to get a baggie or anything else out.

Ok, this is our junk cabinet. It isn't tall enough for cleansers, the cabinet below it is a little taller and houses our cleansers. You name it, it's probably up there. I like to make the windows in our century home look like lead and stained-glass, so, my paint and lead for such projects is up there as are a few household tools and paint brushes.

My glass paint and supplies after I organized them

My junk cabinet after I was done, a little easier to find things.

My plastic food storage. It wasn't that long ago I got down on the floor and fixed it; my 2 1/2 year old grandson loves to play in that cabinet, he knows Mimi doesn't care if he gets into that one, needless to say though, when he 'cleans up' it gets a little messy in there!

My bowls and lids after I fixed them, again. If they stay this way the rest of the day it will be a miracle!

Some of my windows I've painted to look like stained glass and leaded glass windows



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