Junk Cabinet and Plastic Bowls

Junk Cabinet and Plastic Bowls

This week we were to organize the silverware drawer, which I did last week; and we were supposed to declutter and organize the junk drawer, foil, kitchen wrap and baggies storage and plastic bowl storage. I don't have a junk drawer, well, I didn't until 2 days ago when I made one, which was, to say the least, stupid; because a junk drawer does NOT fit who I am or the design of my very old kithen.

So this is the drawer with that stores the foil, parchment paper and wax paper AFTER I made it a multi-purpose drawer and added some junk to it. I don't like it; the stuff is in the way, and well, I just don't like it.

Here it is after I took the junk I added to it back out .... this is the way I like it, clean and clutter free!

For whatever reason we collect twist ties off of bread and whatever else may have one, I used to throw them into the foil drawer, but today I put them in this baby food jar and placed it in the foil drawer; at least they are all together now instead of scattered all over the drawer.

This is where I put most of the junk from the foil drawer, into a junk jar; I decided if it didn't fit into the jar, it could be put where it belongs!

Before moving on with the junk, wanted to show you my baggie drawer real quick; this is how it always looks, even when I have the quart size baggies in there too; I used to keep the foil, parchment paper and wax paper in here but they had to be in there on the diagonial making it annoying to get a baggie or anything else out.

Ok, this is our junk cabinet. It isn't tall enough for cleansers, the cabinet below it is a little taller and houses our cleansers. You name it, it's probably up there. I like to make the windows in our century home look like lead and stained-glass, so, my paint and lead for such projects is up there as are a few household tools and paint brushes.

My glass paint and supplies after I organized them

My junk cabinet after I was done, a little easier to find things.

My plastic food storage. It wasn't that long ago I got down on the floor and fixed it; my 2 1/2 year old grandson loves to play in that cabinet, he knows Mimi doesn't care if he gets into that one, needless to say though, when he 'cleans up' it gets a little messy in there!

My bowls and lids after I fixed them, again. If they stay this way the rest of the day it will be a miracle!

Some of my windows I've painted to look like stained glass and leaded glass windows



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  1. There are a few pieces and features we really love. The fine mesh strainer is actually a thick, flexible plastic. It has held up very well and we have not had any rusting like we have experienced with metal strainers before. The non slip grip on the bottom of the big mixing bowls is really helpful as are the handles and pouring spout on the smaller mixing bowls ….


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