Kitchen Counters

Kitchen Counters

Ok, so this is week 1, day 2, and this week we are de-cluttering the kitchen, below are my before and after pictures of my kitchen counters, and dryer -

Ok, so there is a lot going on in this picture - a pink blender that I never use because it isn't big enough to mix hot butter, some folded towels, behind the towels is a canister of flour, a mixing bowl with a chicken covered basket sitting on top of it, they are hard to see, but, a little wooden mail box and pallet coaster, blessing jar, the bread box with my home book on top of it, on the other side of the box a mini medicine cabinet, a jar of pens and pencils and a plate holding three mason jars with silverware in them next to the microwave; turn to the right and there is the catch all, I mean dryer.

Here is a closer shot of the mixing bowl with the chicken covered basket sitting on it, blessing jar, wooden mail box and pallet coaster, flour canister, jar of pens and pencils, and mini medicine cabinet area

Cute pink mixer, I bought this using my savings catcher; so basically I got it for free; and honestly, I bought this one because it is pink, and that is all it is good for, to look at .. this one falls under 'you get what you pay for', the stack of towels, a receipt and a bag with one apple in it.

Look at all the medicine bottles ...the handy-dandy pen and pencil jar, and my painted mason jars with flatware in them that I never use, it's my 'good' flatware; I don't ever use my 'good' dishes either

The dryer, o, the dryer ... it is a catch all for everything.. it has the cat food on it and a bowl of water for the cats {my dog gets a bit selfish from time to time and wont let the kitties drink from the big bowl on the floor}, then there is the mop bucket sitting on top of two picture frames - we are tearing sheetrock off the walls in one room {future dining room} the mop bucket hold the sconces and candles that were hanging up, while sitting on some pictures that were hanging up on the walls we're tearing out; oh, and I can't forget the dryer sheets and mason jar full of Rosemary I picked from my back yard

Now, for the after pictures ...
I put the 'for-looking-at-only' mixer away, and put up the wooden mail box and pallet coaster; also gone are the bath towels, and mini medicine cabinet.

So now the flour canister, chicken covered basket sitting on the mixing bowl and blessings jar are all grouped together.

The breadbox is clutter free and standing alone again, and while my home book still rests on top of the breadbox, everything is neat and organized

Last but not least, the dryer ... gone is the mop bucket filled with sconces and candles and gone are the picture and frames; also



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