Food Pantry, Inventory, Cups/Mixing Bowls/Baking Dishes

Food Pantry, Inventory of food and Cups/Mixing Bowls and Baking Dishes

This post is a combination of three days of organization - I ended up having to go out of town Friday and Sunday, thus not getting anything done, not only with organization, anywhere else either.
So, if you want to see how organizing my food pantry, inventoring the food and organizing my last cabinet, grab a cup of coffee and get comphy, it's a long post, but, I'll admit, I had fun doing these three combined as one, my husband helped me, and we had a good time; lots of food donated to our food pantry at church too!

Our 'main' food pantry, before - whew, what a mess!
When we painted the inside of these cabinets I got everything organized, it's been exactly one year {according to FB} to the day, and it's a super, hot mess now! Sometimes it's really hard keeping things organized when there are so many different hands getting into stuff every day!
The cabinets at the very top were organized a year ago with things that are used rarely, and I have to have a ladder to reach them, so, since nothing has been used from up there in a year, it looks just like it did the day we organized it, and it's all good!!

This is my pantry for everything else.
Cook books, paper towels, an empty tea pitcher, I see a cake stand and cover, a tortilial warmer, I think I see a bag of chocolate chips, some stem ware, and other baking items.

Our 'main' food pantry, after organization.
WOW! What a difference! Ok, top shelf is my cake decorating stuff, lately I don't get to use it often, so it's good being up there. Next shelf has pasta's, rice, beans, and boxed potatoes and bread crumbs.
Shelf #3 has Mexican food on it. Taco shells, beans, enchilada sauce, diced tomatoes and green chilies; also there is tea bags and breakfast stuff.
Last but not least the bottom shelf. Canned meats, soupls, canned vessies, and I put all the junkie snack items inside a metal loaf pan.

The everything else pantry - well, at least now I know what I have up there!
All the stem ware and cake plates and stuff were moved up high, again, I don't use them often right now so ...
Next shelf has my baking stuff on it, powdered sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips, cake mixes, frosting and the like.
Snacks, plastic cups and paper towles darn the third shelf and the bottom shelf houses my cook books and recipe cards.

The donation bag. I am soo so very glad I had the mind to donate the other items that were in it this morning after taking our 5 year old to school, I filled it full of food for our food pantry at church.

My inventory list .. I would like to make something large enough to keep a running list but small enough to fit in a small space {I don't have a lot of wall space} to keep an inventory list on that I can erase and add to easily.

I got new dishes for Christmas, so, it wasn't long ago I went through my plates and bowls and donated my old ones {to our youngest daughter} and organized my new plates and bowls.

This is the cabinet where I keep my cups.
Outside of kids cups, there aren't many cups in there, are there? Look below and you'll see why.

My cups.
In our son's room. I guess he is starting a collection so when he gets his own place he'll have cups to drink out of .. I have four of the stem glasses {he has three in his room} and I have 6 of the tumblers {he has four}

The cup cabinet organized. I left a wide, open space for all those cups in our sons room after he gets them washed.
I did take some coffee cups out of here, my husband snatched them up to use in the garage when he paints.
So, three days of assignments done in one; There are two more bottom cabinets that I need to organize, but, they are behind the dryer, so, for now, they will have to wait.



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