Today we are organizing our spices. My husband made my spice pantry for me. When we bought our house there was a doorway from the kitchen into the front room; at one time it was probably the dining room being as it doesn't have a closet in it; however, we made it into our 5 year olds bedroom. I really didn't like the idea that she would have access to the kitchen like that (she had just turned 3 when we moved in) because the kitchen is closed off from the rest of the house, I found it to be a safety factor.
I used to use an old computer hutch for my spices and baking things, so at first I put it in the doorway to keep her or anyone else from going through it; soon after though we bought some sheetrock and put it up on her side of the room, creating a cute little nook on the kitchen side, so my husband built shelves for me and we painted it my favorite colors, pink and white and tada!!! There ya have it, my spice pantry! I love it!!!!

There is a lot going on in this picture. I have an extension cord running across the spice pantry because the cabinet to the right of it is where I use my crock pot and there isn't a plug over there; laziness on my part is why it isn't put away when I am not using my crock pot. I also have some hemp rope hanging above the spice shelf for my 'chip' clips my daughter and I made one night. We covered several clothes pins with pretty craft paper; unfortunately, most of them have disappeared and all that is left hanging up there is a stack of coffee filters I 'painted' for a Valentines project last year.
Then there is the chair with the booster seat in it, and the stool with the lid to my large stock pot sitting on it because I am using my pot while doing this challenge and didn't feel like climbing back up a ladder to put the lid up, lol. We all know, while it is possible, it makes for a weird fit when we put a round peg in a square hole - my kitchen and table. I have a round table in a square kitchen that has a lot going on in it. Because most of the elements in the kitchen were added years after the kitchen was built, things were just sort of put here and there, in the best location for the times. My kitchen doubles as a laundry area/room and the hot water heater is in here as well. I said all of that to say this, when all four chairs are around the table it makes for a tight squeeze, especially over by the dryer and fridge, so, when they are not being used, we put one of the chairs in the corner by the counter, and same thing with the stool, behind it sits a large plant stand which isn't there in the warm months, so the stool goes back into the corner, but for now I have to have a place to put my plants.

The top shelf of my spice pantry. This is where I keep the things I don't use very often; I grouped the spices together by type, like different sauces, and Asian spices. There is also some art work our granddaughter made for me for Mother's Day displayed up there, a timer that looks like an alarm clock that doesn't work {it's kept for decoration} and an empty shaker.

The second shelf down. This is where I keep the baking items I use on a regular basis. I also see some ginger on that shelf, that should go on the top shelf with the Asian spices. Also on this shelf are some really pretty pink, glass, salt and pepper shakers my mom bought for me; when we get our dining room set up they will go on the table, and I see the oven thermometer.

The third shelf down. These are the spices I use daily, on most meals. It has gotten a bit crazy on that shelf as I see three empty shakers, and an empty shaker for pink salt. Time to make more house seasoning.

The fourth shelf down. Most of the items on this shelf are used daily, and yes I know, these aren't spices, but because they are used so often, and my other pantry is full, they are housed here.
So, we have oil. And spray oil. Syrup, and, I'm not even sure what that box is, and some honey, and again, I am not sure what is in that baggie, looks like some sweet and sour sauce, that doesn't belong there - I know it's hard to see, but, enough peanut butter to last a year, and canned fruit.

The fifth shelf. This is such a mess, it isn't supposed to be that way. There is apple cider vinegar, Karo syrup, salt, chocolate shake stuff, mustard, white beans, popcorn and I'm not sure what is in the small bottle ...*sigh*

Last, but not least, the bottom shelf. Again, I know these aren't spices, but due to lack of space in our other pantry ... here they sit. So, it looks like we have two boxes of crackers, some oats, hot coco, instant cappuccino, and two canisters of coco mix. I don't know what is in that bag on the far left ... I've got my work cut out for me!!

Woot!Woot!!!! The pantry is empty and C L E A N!!!!!!

All of the items that were on the top shelf!
This shelf wasn't too bad; spices used for Asian foods, bottles of pepper sauce, meat seasonings, oh, and Apple Cider Vinegar

Items from the second shelf.
Baking odds and ends; corn starch times 2, flavorings, four bottles of cinnamon, baking powder, all spice nutmeg

My go-to spices, from the third shelf.
Garlic powder, Black pepper, Cayenne, Oregano, Italian seasoning times two, seasoned salt, Greek seasoning {my sons favorite}, Cumin, two empty shakers and an empty pink salt grinder.

The fourth shelf.
Lots and lots of peanut butter; oil and spray oil; found out that mystery box is oats, honey and syrup, three cans of cherry pie filling, three cans of oranges, three cans of peaches, one can of coconut oil, a jar of sweet and sour sauce that should be with the Asian spices, and that mystery baggie? Salt substitute.

The fifth shelf
More vinegar, dried beans, chocolate fiber stuff, Karo syrup, mustard, salt, and pop corn

And finally the bottom shelf
A gross box of instant coco, two canisters of instant coco, a canister of hard instant cappuccino, a bag of flour??? {what's that doing there???}, and two boxes of crackers

The top shelf after - the sweet and sour sauce, Karo syrup and honey made it up here with the spices for making Asian foods, all the pepper sauces and Teriyaki sauce, oh, and garlic sauce and sesame oil, and all the meat spices {briskets and roasts}

The second shelf reorganized. Still my baking items, but now has baking powder, corn starch, three cans of cherry pie filling, one can of coconut milk, food flavorings, nutmeg, all spice, and three bottles of cinnamon

My go-to spices all nice and neat. Black pepper, Garlic powder, Cayenne, a new batch of house seasoning, Cumin, my son's Greek seasoning, Italian seasoning, two bottles of Oregano and Chili powder

The fourth shelf looks a whole lot better. We have our oil and spray oil, salt, syrup, mustard, oranges and peaches.

On the fifth shelf all the vinegar is all together - at last! The peanut butter is resting there now too, minus one bottle, and the pop corn.
Finally, the bottom shelf. No more nasty instant coco, or hard instant cappuccino. Instead, two canisters of coco, that chocolate fiber stuff, oats, and two boxes of crackers combined into one.

So, there ya have it; my new, clean, organized spice pantry!
The REAL challenge will be keeping it this way ;)




  1. I like this. My spices are stacked and my husband is always trying to think of a better way to have them in our cabinet. I don't have this kind of space to commit but it is really cute to see how others do their organizing. Have a great week. Jaime

  2. Thank you Jaime, you have a great week too!


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