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Pots, Pans and Lids

Pots, Pans and Lids

The last day of week 2, pots, pans and lids. Honestly, I was dreading this one but it went a lot smoother then I dreamed; I found a couple of things I forgot about and I found a few things to donate!

This is the cabinet where my big pots and the ones I can't hang up, hang out, and boy is it a mess! The electric skillet is on top of my mixer .....In the two years we've lived here I have had to re-arrange this cabinet several times, the only thing I can figure is that the pots and pans dance or have a party or something, because I know my family always puts things back where they go ;)

All nice and neat; everything in it's place, and everything in sight! I love how both blenders are together up on that little shelf; within easy reach but out of the way too.

I love this old cast iron pot. It belonged to my mother-in-law's mother. It is the absolute best bean pot in the county!

My crockpot and blender storage; I didn't know I had two choppers .. how sad is that, lol. Found a few other things down there too I didn't know I had ... they went into the donation bag!

After getting rid of some items I didn't even know I had, I found 'new' storage for some of my baking pans!

Most of my pots and pans hang above my stove. I have always loved the way pots and pans hanging from the ceiling looked; a few years ago we were renting a house with less cabinet space then I have now, and all the rage was using window frames as pot racks, so ... we did it, and I fell in love with the idea, so I brought it with me when we moved up here.

I have always kept my baking sheets and pizza pans in the drawer under my oven. Lately I have been seeing articles about that drawer really being a warming drawer, not storage, but I'll continue to use it as storage

I also hang my cast iron skillets and flat irons above my stove. I am not sure what that wall is behind the stove, it was there when we bought our house, but it makes a great cast iron hanging spot!

My stove with pot rack and cast iron collection {and that beautiful old hot water heater!}; those are the pots and pans I use the most, the ones in this photo; my big cast iron skillet is on top of the stove but it is hard to see; it is super old, it was given to my husbands grand parents as a wedding gift! I love that skillet!

Last, but not least, my donation pile. A couple of kids place mats that are never used. A large, round, tall plastic container I didn't even know I had, plastic ice creaem bowls and cups, and two serving plates.



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