Life's Seasons

Life's Seasons
Hello there my sweet friends!
I am so sorry for dropping out of sight the way I have. I have not made a post since April, and now it is July; that is a long time.
One of the last posts I wrote I said something about a change coming to our home. I did not know what kind of change, but boy was I right. Since my last post in April, I began keeping our 4-year-old grandson, a lot. Taking him to and from school, keeping him after school and taking him to church with us.
I made a plan and curriculum for him and our 6-year-old for summer to keep them both busy, and to help maintain what they learned in school last year.
We were doing pretty good keeping our daily schedule and maintaining our daily 'school' work and journals, and boom, out of no where, we were thrown another curve. We found out my husband has cancer.
Immediately upon this diagnosis we had doctors appointments almost every day. My husband had to have three surgeries in three weeks. Now, we are at the point of weekly chemo treatments. In the next week or so he will start daily radiation treatments. Most of his doctor appointments are a 30 minute to hour drive away, as is his chemo treatments and his radiation will be.
Shortly before we learned of my husbands cancer my parents moved up here; I had to take a few trips 100 miles south to help my mom pack; but it was so worth it, it is such a blessing having them less than a mile away, and they love their new home.
Right after my husbands diagnosis our middle child moved away, two and a half hours away, and took our 4-year-old grandson with her. On one hand I am relieved because I am not having to run her to and from work, but I am sad too that our grandson is gone; he was doing so good, and we were just really enjoying having him here every day and at church.
After spending some time with the Lord reflecting on everything that has been going on, I enrolled in school. I started back to school in June to get a BS in elementary education. I am attending Grand Canyon University online.
I said all of that to say this; though I haven't blogged since April, it will probably be awhile before I am back. Between doctors appointments, school, attempting to keep things 'normal' at home, my Sunday school class and Wednesday night B.I.G. Kids club, I am spent. I am still trying to figure out how to use my time wisely, and am still failing at it.
I have a desire to be here, writing and sharing with you what the Lord has laid on my heart, but by the time I get done with my required reading and daily posting for school my eyes are so tired and blurry that even with my glasses on I can't see very well. I closed my store too because I do not have time to keep the merchandise updated or advertise.
My husband and I are still doing our daily reading using the Daily Walk Bible, we are currently in the book of Isaiah; I did close the group since I do not have time to post in it, but the FB page for this blog is still up and I do at least share Scripture in the mornings on it, and this blogs Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. If you so desire, you can use the links below to follow me at the social media sites.
Please pray for complete healing for my husband, and please continue to pray I will be successful meeting all of my goals for this year, time is slipping away fast; I pray for you all daily and will contine to do so.
It's not too late to start!!!
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