"Stained Glass" Crosses

"Stained Glass" Crosses
Stained Glass Cross
One of the crafts my pre-school Sunday school class made on Resurrection Sunday were these beautiful "stained glass" crosses. They were super simple to make. We folded construction paper in half length-wise, and cut out the cross shape; I saved the cross inserts for future projects; using roll-out laminating paper, we placed the cross frame down first, then the children filled in the frame with tissue paper squares I'd pre-cut, and we topped it off with a second piece of laminating paper, and let the children cut them out!
The older children had fun taking their time, carefully placing the square tissue paper pieces down inside the frame, while the younger children thought it great fun to 'pile' up the squares!
Regardless of how it was done, they all turned out beautifully!

Tissue paper cut into squares, in a variety of colors
Construction paper
Contact paper or laminating sheets that do not require heat
I found a template for the cross frame at Mom on Time Out

I love how beautiful these simple paper crosses are hanging in our living room, what an amazing reminder of our precious Savior and what He did for us, praise God!!
Stained Glass Cross

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