Don't Interrupt the Connection

Don't Interrupt the Connection
Don't Interrupt the Connection
Fellowship with God is a lot like electricity. It is a moment-by-moment phenomenon. And when you are enjoying it, you and others around you will know it!
Fellowship depends on constant contact with the Source of power. If something interrupts the connection, the flow of power ceases because the power is not in the receptor but in the Source. Spiritually, the severing of fellowship might not be immediately obvious to others, but the vitality soon wanes because the power flow has stopped. That is why Scripture warns, “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall” {I Corinthians 10:12}.
Don't Interrupt the Connection

Check up on your own personal fellowship with God. Are you giving God a chance to speak to you daily through His Word? Are you regularly responding to Him in prayer? Are you dealing promptly with sin in your life? Are you filling your thought life with meditation upon His actions and attributes?

It's not too late to start!!!
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