I am truly blessed and favored

As I sat there on the wedge of our sofa, Abigail stretched out asleep on my left, and Gary curled up asleep on my right, I looked around and listened as my son and son-in-law were laughing together, and my daughter was sitting on her bed, it hit me how in creditably blessed I am.
We may argue and get mad at each other, and our home is literally bursting at the seams, but I love it. I love having my family home and around me. I love the laughter, the smiles, the playfulness, the silly things we all do, the jokes, the care, the concern for one another, the compassion, the love.

Having your adult daughter and son-in-law living with you may not be ideal for everyone, but it is for me, I love having a full house; while quietness and solitude may be nice for a short time, when it comes right down to it, I can’t stand it, I want them all here with me. I love them all, they are ALL my children, my family, my life; and yes there are times I get tired, and times I just want to walk away and hide in my room, but, when I am done hiding, there they are .. all of them, waiting for me, smiling, and telling me how much they love me, I am so very blessed. I love you Gary, Garrison, Aaron, Emily and of course my Abby
My 6-year old LOVES ABC Mouse!
She is ahead in her class, and loves learning!
ABC Mouse