When the Flu Comes Knocking

When the Flu Comes Knocking

As I sit here on my bed in the middle of the day writing this, the words of a song keep going through my mind, “all sickness is a lie from the devil”. I don’t know the name of the song, but I can tell you this, the way I am feeling, coughing until every muscle in my body hurts, stuffy nose, aching joints, heat radiating from my eyes, it doesn’t feel like a lie, it feels awfully real to me!
Laying here attempting to catch some sleep in-between coughs, all I can think about is why am I sick now??? I interviewed for a job just yesterday, I have a TON of things to go through and write for my blog, pictures that need to uploaded to the church blog, things to get ready for services on Sunday, and we won’t even touch on what all needs to be done here in this house! The Lord says, “be still ..” Back to the words of that song, they almost sound comforting, it’s the devil’s fault! But they are a lie. Sickness isn’t a lie from the devil. We have sickness and diseases because man fell from grace back in the garden; we are sinful and live in a sin-sick world.
When God created the earth and everything in it, including Adam and Eve, it was all perfect. Then came the disobedience, the lie and the pointing of fingers, sin, and everything for us changed. We are no longer perfect; we make bad choices, wrong decisions, and, we live in a sin-sick world. None of this yucky stuff was found in the garden!
While I am saved, and I am covered in that precious blood of Christ, I am also a sinner, and will be until the day I cross that Jordan river. And until then, this body that I house now, that is no longer designed to live forever, that slowly decays with time and from not being cared for as well as it should be, will get sick, will hurt, and will be broken.
Praise God! One day, He will give me a new body! One that doesn’t get sick, or hurt, one that won’t decay! Praise the Lord, thank You Jesus!!! No more sickness, no more pain, and no more tears! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ loves you. He died for you; He will forgive you of your sins, if you ask Him. If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, friend, you are missing out on so much! So many people say you have to give up pleasures when you come to Christ, but when you come to Christ, those things that you find pleasurable in the world, you will no longer think are pleasurable, you will hate them and will love the things of the Lord. When you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior you become a new person, a BETTER person, who has been washed clean, a new beginning! You will become a child of God – an heir to the throne! You will be redeemed and sanctified! And the best part???? You are no longer condemned, and you get to spend eternity in heaven, with Jesus!


  1. Amen Jenn! Oh glorious day when we get to heaven and be with our Lord and Savior! What a day of rejoicing that will be! In the meantime, how wonderful we have His Holy Spirit within us! I am so sorry you are sick. I pray you feel much better very soon! Don't worry about all those things you have on your to do list, they're not going anywhere, everything will get done in due time. You are praising your Lord and sharing the gospel right now and this is far more important than the other stuff you mentioned anyway! Take care! Hugs and blessings.

  2. Eternity with Jesus! What a glorious thought!
    Sound like we got sick at the same time...Friday afternoon I came down with a cough and cold and here it is over a week later and I still have some residual cough left. But through it all, God is good. He is faithful, and He is steady, a sure foundation for us.
    Feel better soon, Jenn.

    1. Thank you Cindy, I pray for your complete healing, in Jesus name!


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