Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition

Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition When you are faced with opposition, how do you respond? Do you try to figure things out on your own, working out problems with your own abilities, or, do you put your faith to work and wait on God?
King Jehoshaphat faced great opposition in II Chronicles chapter 20, when the children of Moab, the children of Ammon and the Ammonites came to battle against him. He could have very easily called forth his best warriors and chariots and sent them out to meet the opposing forces, but he didn’t. The first thing he did when hearing the news of the impeding attack, was to seek the Lord AND proclaim a fast throughout all of Judah. It goes on to tell us that the entire nation gathered together and sought help from the Lord, TOGETHER; and when all the cities of Judah stood together in the house of the Lord, their King prayed, with them, and for them! Oh my goodness! How I love the story of King Jehoshaphat, if only we had national leaders like him!
Do you remember when Jesus called Peter forth to walk on water that night in the stormy sea? Matthew 14:22-33, emphasis on verses 28-30; Peter was facing a terrible storm while at sea, and when the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water they were afraid. Jesus told them not to be afraid, and Peter asked Him if he would bid, or call him, to come out on the sea with Him, so, Jesus did; and as long as Peter kept his eyes on Christ, and not on the storm around him, he walked on water! But, like most of us do, Peter took his eyes off Christ and looked at the storm, and as soon as he did, Peter began to sink; however, in His love, mercy and grace, as soon as Peter called out to the Lord, Jesus stretched forth His hand and caught him, saving him.
Sound familiar? Let’s look at one more story; Sarah and Abraham, and the promise of heirs. God had told Abraham several times in the book of Genesis that He would make Abraham a father of many nations; Abraham and Sarah were up in years, past child bearing years, so Sarah decided she would ‘help’ God along by offering her handmaid, Hagar, to him to wife and bear children with. If you are familiar with the story you know that Hagar bear Abraham a son, Ishmael, who was not the son of promise. Several years later the angel of the Lord appears to Abraham one hot afternoon, and tells him that God is going to bless him with a son, Sarah over hears this and not only laughs to herself, but denied laughing when the Lord asked Abraham why she laughed and reminded them both that nothing is too hard for the Lord {Genesis 18:13-14}. Sarah wasn’t facing any opposition to speak of, but her faith was surely lacking at that moment.
One thing all three of these stories have in common is faith in God, or lack of and trust in God, or lack of.
Peter trusted Christ until he turned and looked at the storm; Sarah's faith was lacking, and King Jehoshaphat had complete faith and trust in God. Which one are you?
Based on how King Jehoshaphat reacted, how should we react to opposition?
Trust God
Have faith in God and His timing
Pray, pray and pray
Call your family, friends, pastor, and church to pray with you and for you
Seek God’s council from His Word
Seek Godly council from other strong Christians
Jesus said, ‘But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” and “ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” {Matthew 6:33, 7:7}
When you are faced with opposition, which one are you? Sarah, Peter or King Jehoshaphat?
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