Nursing Home Ministry

Nursing Home Ministry For several years God has given my husband a soft heart for our elderly. God blessed my husband with a nursing home ministry this past year, and it is producing fruit.
My husband visits two home, once a week each. Both homes have gone from a hand-full of attendants, to 60 at one visit, averaging 25-30 each week. My husband gets to witness to these lovely people, he sings and plays his guitar for them, taking requests; he brings a short message, prays for them, and with them. God is using him in such a powerful way at these homes.
One of the residents who regularly attends started out coming in there hollering at my husband, telling him to shut up, go away, and never come back, that no one wanted to hear those songs or hear what the Bible says; the Holy Spirit must be working in her, she still attends, but she no longer yells out at my husband; I pray I can update this post one day with the news that she received Christ as her Savior.
My husband has a lot of health issues, even having two strokes, and he is unable to work like he used to; God has a new job for him now, my husband is learning how to delight himself in the Lord, and in this 'new job', the Lord is also giving him the desires of his heart {Psalm 37:4}; to God be the glory in all that he does; praise the Lord, thank You Jesus.
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