Summer Break

I am taking a summer break; between my husband's health issues and having our 5 year-old home with me 24/7, my church responsibilities and, and, and, and ... I am just feeling over-whelmed and my walk with God and my family are suffering because of it, I am pretty sure the stress of it all mounting on my shoulders is part of why I am not sleeping.
I already have ideas for fall, one of which is completely starting over, maybe trying to get a domain name, I don't know. I do plan on writing when possible throughout the summer so I'll things to post when I pick it back up.
I apologize to those of you waiting for the remainder of the fruits of the Spirit, I do promise I will get them finished, but it is going to be a few months.
I thank those of you who faithfully read my blog, reading your comments often make me cry tears of joy, and makes me feel cared for. God bless each of you.
Have a wonderful summer, keep your eyes on Christ, and enjoy your family.
I love you all -

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