Graduation time!

New stage and new phase in life for us. Our only son, and youngest biological child, graduated high school Friday May 26!
I am so very proud of him, he worked super hard, taking 10 classes this year so he could graduate this year, and he did it! I knew he could, he can do anything he sets his mind to.
Now, for a little break, then off to the USMC. Oh,  how I long for my little boy, his sweet smile and innocence. God has blessed me with a wonderful son, always helpful to his family, friends and total strangers; he loves God,  his family and his country, he will be an awesome Marine. I am so thankful he was given to me to love and care for, I am so thankful to be his mother.

Our son, getting ready to walk out the door to go to his graduation ceremony.
With his best friend Joshua {on the left}, he too will be enlisting in the USMC,  and his good buddy Allen, who is already enlisted in the USMC, he graduated with my son
He loves his horse head!
With his sister, our youngest daughter, leaving to go to his graduation.
My husband with our daughter, and me with our daughter and our youngest grandbaby, Ezekiel, he is 5 months old!
I love this boy!


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